Innogen · News · July 4, 2011

The entrepreneurial state

Mariana Mazzucato launches new Demos pamphlet on UK growth policy on 11 July in Parliament

Mariana will join Anatole Kaletsky, Editor of The Times, Andrea Leadsom MP and Will Hutton, Executive Vice-Chair of the Work Foundation, to speak at the launch of ‘The Entrepreneurial State’.

On invitation from Demos, Mariana wrote this pamphlet which makes the case for a reassessment of the role of Government in UK growth policy. It argues that for Britain to raise its growth rates and be at the forefront of new opportunities such as green technology, Government needs to be far more risk-taking, not just in blue-skies science but operating nimbly alongside business at the frontiers of technology.

Following the launch, the pamphlet will be available to download from the Demos website.

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