Innogen · News · November 8, 2010

Innogen’s twentieth doctor

graduate mortarboard

Congratulations to Lillian Jensen who recently passed her PhD viva and joined an impressive group of 19 others who have done the same at Innogen.

Last week Lillian Jensen successfully defended her thesis, ‘Innovation in pharma: an investigation of R&D and external knowledge acquisition’. Her work has important lessons for our understanding of how internal R&D and external collaborations interact and has implications for big pharma and innovation policy.

The ESRC Innogen Centre, since its inception in 2002, has now proudly gained funding for twenty successfully completed doctoral studentships. At any one time, Innogen has around 20 doctoral students, based at the Open University or the University of Edinburgh. 

Other Innogen students who have passed their PhD thesis in 2010 are Mary Upton (thesis: ‘Community engagement in South African HIV vaccine clinical trials’) and Maurice Bolo (thesis: 'Building capabilities for Innovation and Development: A case study of "farmer-exporter" partnerships in Kenya').

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