Innogen · News · November 3, 2010

New postgrad course: Evolution & Dynamics of Biotechnology


The influence of industry, regulatory authorities and research institutions on life sciences-based sectors.


  • Why have the Pharmaceutical Multinationals lasted so long?

  • Is the blockbuster drug model sustainable and, if not, what might replace it?

  • Could emerging biotechnology firms, private-public partnerships and new regulatory regimes radically transform the structure and dynamics of the healthcare sector and green economy?

This exciting 20 credit postgraduate course, which tackles a number of important contemporary life science issues and draws on the latest research findings, provides a systemic and interdisciplinary exploration of the complex evolution and dynamics of the life science sector in national and international contexts.

The life sciences sector continues to attract strategic investment from both the public and private sectors, and we can expect continuing growth of the broad life science economy. Employers in a range of industries and public sector organisations are increasingly looking for people with a good understanding of economic, legal, socio-technical and organisational perspectives of this fascinating field.  This course, which is taught by active researchers in the UK’s strongest research centre on these issues, will be of great benefit to students with broad interests in entrepreneurship, business economics, health policy, global health, and the bio-economy.  

Semester 2, Thursdays, 4-6pm

For more information download the Evolution and Dynamics of Biotechnology course flyer (PDF 525KB).