Innogen · News · August 4, 2010

Nature After the Genome

Nature after the Genome

A new book exploring contemporary understandings of nature has been co-edited by Sarah Parry of Innogen and Egenis director John Dupré.


'Nature After the Genome' is a collection of essays on issues such as synthetic biology, agricultural biotechnology, stem cell research and biodiversity by academics including Jane Calvert (Innogen), Claire Waterton (Cesagen) and Barry Barnes (Egenis).  

Divided into six parts, the book explores themes such as 'Classifying biological entities', 'Remodelling nature' and 'Theorizing nature through genomics' to investigate what 'nature' is being constituted or transformed by genomics-related knowledge, how it is being transformed and by whom.  

“We hope that the book will show just how far-reaching and radical the implications of (genomic) science are,' write the authors, 'The ways that we think about life, and the capacities we have for intervening in life processes, are being transformed. Neither our knowledge of life nor our capacities for affecting it may be quite what the scientists tell us they are.”  

'Nature After the Genome' is published by Wiley-Blackwell and costs £17.99. (ISBN: 978-1-4443-3396-1)