Innogen · News · July 1, 2010

Innogen's Interdisciplinary Expertise

newsletter march 2008

Dr Catherine Lyall is leading Innogen's work on interdisciplinary research


Fast progress in the life sciences has created new disciplines, blurred the boundaries between others and highlighted the importance of being able to work across disciplines. Innogen is an interdisciplinary research centre. Colleagues here have backgrounds in sociology, economics, law, development studies, biology, chemistry, engineering to name just a few. This mix of backgrounds has led to new integrative research methods and insights in genomics, and also an increased awareness of how to conduct interdisciplinary research.

Dr Catherine Lyall, Deputy Director at the ESRC Innogen Centre, has run a series of Masterclasses on interdisciplinary research. This led to the production of a series of widely circulated Guides, which are . Catherine recently received funding from NERC to conduct an interdisciplinary learning review of the and is working with colleagues Prof Joyce Tait, Dr Laura Meagher and Ann Bruce on a new book, 'Interdisciplinary Research Journeys', due to be published in early 2011.

For further information about our work in this area, or to request printed copies of the Interdisciplinary Short Guides, please contact Dr Lyall at