Innogen · News · April 27, 2010

Research Integrity publications reach wide audience

Three articles by Dr Daniele Fanelli published in the online journal PloS One have received widespread interest.

Daniele’s research focuses on bias and misconduct in science, and in scientific communication.  He is interested in how common these misbehaviours are and their main causes. Central questions include:

  • Are all disciplines, fields and research themes equally objective (or non-objective)?

  • Can we tell in advance which research findings are more or less likely to be true?

  • How do the media report on different sciences, and on cases of scientific misconduct?

This work has generated three papers, two published this month:

Response to these articles has been excellent. An article about the paper on Bias and Publication Pressures, published on 21 April 2010 has been viewed nearly 6000 times and is in the Times Higher Education and the Nature blog: The Great Beyond, and Nature Physics are planning an article on the Hierarchy of Sciences paper. In less than two weeks since publication, the Hierarchy of the Sciences paper has been viewed over 4700 times and downloaded as a pdf over 270 times.

This success builds on the response to Daniele's first paper on 'How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research?', published in May 2009. This paper received widespread media coverage including articles in the Times and the Daily Telegraph and an interview on BBC Radio Scotland. The article been viewed over 30,000 times, downloaded over 3,000, cited ten times in less than a year and was rated as ‘exceptional’ (top 1% of publications) by the ‘Faculty of 1000 Biology’.

Dr Daniele Fanelli is an Innogen Research Fellow and a member of the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on Research Integrity. For further information about