Innogen · News · December 8, 2009

Global Forum for Health Research Conference, Cuba, 16 - 20 November 2009

newsletter march 2008

Innogen contributions on innovation and social technologies well received.


, and attended this conference.  Julius Mugwagwa presented a paper and Rebecca Hanlin helped to organise a session on Product Development Partnerships (PDPs).  Possible CPD and short course collaborations were also discussed.

The conference session was linked to an article by Joanna Chataway, Rebecca Hanlin, Lois Muraguri and Watu Wamae on 'PDPs as social technology innovators in global health: operating above and below the radar', published in the 2009 Global Forum for Health Research Review. The article outlined three key messages:

  1. PDPs constitute social technology innovations which promote, develop and aim to distribute physical technologies to those who need them and they need to be evaluated on this basis;

  2. More attention needs to be paid to PDP’s organisation and management.  Incorporating  this type of analysis into evaluation may reinforce engagement in types of collaboration important to health systems development and strengthening;

  3. PDPs can use their distinctiveness to capture and use ‘Below the Radar’ networks and knowledge to further develop social and physical technologies in the interests of global health.

The full article is available to download PDPs as social Technology Innovators in Global Health (PDF 344 kb)