Innogen · News · November 19, 2009

Case studies in the life sciences: how researchers use and manage information resources


Innogen researchers were involved in a new report just published by the Research Information Network (RIN) and the British Library.

The Patterns of Information Use and Exchange Report breaks new ground in understanding the practices and needs of researchers from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives in the life sciences. It reveals that researcher practices diverge from policies promoted by funders and information service providers and shows that a ‘one-size-?ts-all’ information policy cannot be effective.

The report outlines a number of recommendations to funders, universities and information service providers on how policy and services can be more aligned with research practice and help UK life scientists sustain their position at the forefront of world-class research.

Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, Dr Michael Jubb, Graham Pryor, Professor Robin Williams and Dr Alan Sudlow discussed the report’s findings and recommendations with an audience of senior representatives from all sections of the community at the report launch event on Tuesday 17 November 2009.

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