Innogen · News · July 3, 2009

Technology for Development

James Smith

Dr James Smith, Innogen Director for Developing Country Research, has a new book published.

 presents some of the key debates and questions surrounding technology for development. Can technology transform developing country societies? Can technology allow developing countries to 'catch up' with developed countries? How can we mitigate against the impacts, unforeseen as they may be, of new, increasingly complex and transformative technologies? How can we best organise research and development to ensure that technologies that reflect the needs and realities of those most in need are articulated? These questions and more are interrogated through a series of case studies of science, technology and development.

"This is one of the rare books I have read which brings out the complex web of relationships among science, technology and development with great clarity and originality...We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Dr James Smith for bringing together in this very readable book, a large amount of critical and analytical thinking and experience for showing how science, technology and development can become mutually reinforcing."

Professor M S Swaminathan,

Founder and Chairman, M S Swaminathan Foundation