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Could 3D printing solve the organ transplant shortage?

Haddow, G   Vermeulen, N

The Guardian, The Observer (30th July 2017) The Irish Times (3rd August 2017)   30/07/2017

The analytical and political challenges of integrated energy policy making in Scotland

Winskel, M

Global Environment & Society Academy, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh   22/05/2017

So, What is Not to Like about 3D Bioprinting?

Haddow, G   Vermeulen, N

Journal of Medical Ethics   21/03/2017

How to galvanise the NHS to adopt innovation

Parris, S   Marjanovic, S

BMJ blog   12/04/2016

MI Interviews - Prof Graeme Laurie & Ms Leslie Stevens

Laurie, G   Stevens, L

Masson Institute Interviews   13/08/2015

Costumed Visions Network Launch

Harmon, SHE   Lawrence, D   Haddow, G

Motley Coat: A Blog of the Mason Institute   12/05/2015

Cate Heeney interviews Mari-Rose Kennedy

Heeney, C   Kennedy, M-R

Masson Institute Interviews   15/04/2015

Data Linkage in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents And Children (ALSPAC)

Kennedy, M-R   Haddow, G   Heeney, C

Masson Institute Lunches   6/04/2015

Broadening the Medical Ethics Perspective Through Dance

Harmon, SHE

The Motley Coat: A Blog of the Mason Institute   14/01/2015

Confronting the Liminal Spaces of Health Research Regulation

Laurie, G

The Motley Coat: A Blog of the Mason Institute   15/10/2014

Inclusive Innovation and Development

Mugwagwa, J   Papaioannou, T   Srinivas, S

Open University IKD Spotlights Podcasts   1/10/2014

Novel Neurotechnologies: Intervening on the Brain

Laurie, G

The Motley Coat: A Blog of the Mason Institute   23/09/2014

Pasado y presente de la investigación biomédica: ¿Para qué sirve la historia de la ciencia?

Garcia-Sancho, M

Investigacion y Ciencia (Spanish version of "Scientific American")   29/08/2014

Is Scottish Independence Bad for your Health?

Mittra, J   Haddow, G   Mastroeni, M

The Conversation   12/08/2014

Building on 2014 Edinburgh International Science Festival Presentations

Tait, J   Sprevak, M   Sharman, I

Edinburgh University The Big Idea Podcast   23/04/2014

Can science eliminate extreme poverty?

Smith, J

The Conversation   15/04/2014

South Sudan crisis threatens to derail tropical disease efforts

Smith, J   Kingsley, P

The Conversation   7/01/2014

Boris, genes and class

Gillott, J

BioNews: News website   2/12/2013

Bitcoin fuels Africa’s banking revolution

Smith, J

The Conversation   12/07/2013

After the Tyranny of the Embryo?

Gillott, J

BioNews: News website   17/06/2013

Making red blood cells: A model of stem cell therapy development

King, E

EuroStemCell: Public information and news website   22/04/2013

Top PI: Ann Bruce, a natural among social scientists

Hill, R.   Bruce, A

Research Fortnight Today   6/02/2013

Less burp in your burger

Bruce, A

Britain in 2012 - Annual magazine of the ESRC   1/01/2012

Can veterinary diagnostic devices help control livestock disease?

Bruce, A

Britain in 2011 - Annual magazine of the ESRC   1/01/2011