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Governing the energy transition: reality, illusion or necessity? Routledge Studies in Sustainability Transitions, G. Verbong, D. Loorbach (Eds.) (2012)

Bolton, R

Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions   7 73-75

DOI: doi:10.1016/j.eist.2013.02.002

June 2013   (First published online April 2015)

This book is part of the series ‘Routledge Studies in Sustainability Transitions’ which is an output of the Dutch Knowledge Network for System Innovations and Transitions (KSI). Over the past decade or so the KSI has been the focal point for the burgeoning community of Dutch researchers who have pioneered the development of the transitions approach, incorporating theories, frameworks and methodological approaches with which readers of this journal will be familiar. Similar to previous titles in the series the book tackles the crucial question of how the systems of production and consumption which underpin our everyday lives, such as transport, water services and food, can be made more sustainable. Perhaps due to the pervasiveness of the climate change issue, energy has become the most developed area of transitions research.