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Pursuing a biotechnology system of innovation in Lithuania

Mastroeni, M   Tait, J   Rosiello, A

Technology Analysis & Strategic Management   25 (7) 817-833

August 2013

The focus of this paper is on Lithuania, whose government released an ambitious innovation strategy to become an innovative services hub for Northern Europe by 2015, and an innovation hub by 2020. Biotechnology has been identified as a strategic sector, and whether Lithuania will be able to achieve its ambition of a fully functioning biotechnology sectoral system of innovation will be explored. With the Lithuanian government declaring that they will intervene to achieve their innovation goals, this paper argues that sound policy intervention is possible and can be done in a way that avoids the limitations of past systemic approaches. The policy approach presented is based on a modified extended industry life cycle, and the movement of system structures through three phases – background, pre-emergence and emergence – and explains how each phase lays the groundwork for transition to the next phase.