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Public-private collaborations and partnerships in stratified medicine: making sense of new interactions

Chataway, J   Fry, C.   Marjanovic, S.   Yaqub, O.

New Biotechnology   29 (6) 732–740

October 2012

The field of personalised or stratified medicine is evolving alongside the formation of a plethora of public/private partnerships and collaborations. These new institutional forms, or ‘social technologies’, are varied and emerge in response to several drivers, including the need to draw on a broader base of data inputs relating to genomics, patient behaviour and healthcare system differentiation. This paper discusses some of these drivers of partnerships and collaborations. Although the number of such partnerships is growing, their rationale and basis for collaboration remains unclear. Public–private collaborations are at the core of the set of new life sciences policies in the UK but there is little indication in the policy documents of clear boundaries for these partnerships. In part, this is due to the lack of empirical evidence at the system level for conceptualising what is still a relatively new approach. The collection of evidence in the form of broad evaluations, rather than tightly focused theoretical studies, is more likely to be related back to systems and be of more use for formulating policy rationales.