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Challenges for the application and development of OMICs health technologies in developing countries

Huzair, F   Borda-Rodriguez, A.

Drug Development Research   73 (7) 447–451

October 2012;jsessionid=AF7700AD669617E629C3479AAF0F2978.d04t02


Omics technologies and particular applications for diagnostics and pharmacogenomics, can potentially identify disease risk, reduce disease burden, and provide better and more cost-effective health care. International institutions have recognized that global justice necessitates equity of access to medical technologies for developing and well as developed countries. The promise of the omics technologies may remain unfulfilled for developing countries unless capacities for exploitation and integration are created. These capacities are those that enable contribution efforts to upstream data collection and innovation, and downstream governance and regulation.


* omics;
* postgenomics;
* global justice;
* developing countries;
* regulation;
* governance;
* capacities