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Agricultural Innovation and Food Security in Africa: Tracing Connections and Missing Links

Mugwagwa, J   Wamae, W   Outram, S

Journal of International Development, Special Issue   22 (3) 283-288

April 2010   (First published online March 2010)

Grounded in research carried out by researchers investigating different aspects of technological and institutional innovation in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), this special issue seeks to make a contribution to empirical evidence and literature on agricultural innovation globally. The contributors explore the relationship between technology, policy and public engagement approaches and wider concepts of technology development and governance, and collectively argue for a broadened perspective on innovation towards generating new ways of thinking that can ultimately improve upon existing practices in the quest for sustainable solutions to food insecurity. Overall, this is not a negative story. Instead of the now common despair about the abilities of Africa to meet it is own food-security requirements, this issue presents articles which demonstrate how much is already in place, with reflections and suggestions on how such resources can be made to work together for the greater socio-economic good of the continent.