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Regulating for Uncertainty: The Challenges of Foresighting in New Technologies

Harmon, SHE

Law, Innovation & Technology   8 (3) 323-328

December 2011

Scholars, regulators and other key actors in the Argentine and UK regenerative medicine field have been mutually engaged for some four years now. Most recently, Fabiana Arzuaga (Arzuaga), Chair of the Argentine Advisory Commission on Regenerative Medicine & Cellular Therapies, was hosted by the ESRC Genomics Forum under its Bright Ideas Programme.1 On 7-8 November 2011, Arzuaga and Shawn Harmon (Harmon), with support from the Genomics Forum, organised an interactive 2-day workshop with experts and scholars interested in the field (the working group). The aims of the workshop were to:

- explore the evolving regulatory state of affairs for regenerative medicine and cellular therapies in Argentina;

- report on the findings of the Governing Emerging Technologies: Social Values and Stem Cell Regulation in Argentina project;

- draw on the experience of the UK and Europe with a view to formulating recommendations for proceeding in Argentina; and

-offer participants an opportunity to reflect on the robustness of UK and EU regulatory mechanisms.