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Learning Through Inter-Organisational Interactions: Public Research Institutes in the Nigerian Biopharmaceutical System of Innovation

Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, B   Gehl Sampath, P

European Journal of Development research   19 (1) 174-193

January 2007   (Version of record first published June 2007)

Using field-level data collected in Nigeria in 2003-04, this paper examines the possibilities for learning through inter-organisational interactions in biotechnological systems of innovation, using public research institutes as an example. The paper considers interactions to be all forms of formal and informal linkages and contacts between various agents in the system of innovation, such as firms, universities, traditional medicine practitioners, hospitals and other external agencies. Using results obtained in the survey and the experiences of other countries that have succeeded in developing biotechnological capacity, critical interactions and scope for policy interventions are discussed.