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Charting regulatory stewardship in health research: Making the invisible visible?

Laurie, G   Dove, E. S   Fletcher, I   Ganguli-Mitra, A   McMillan, C   Sethi, N   Sorbie, A

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics   27 (2) 333-347


March 2018

This article analyses a hitherto largely obscured feature of regulatory environments in health research, namely, the role of regulatory stewardship. Through examples drawn from research ethics committees, emerging technologies, and governance of research resources, it outlines the essential features of regulatory stewardship, and argues that this concept can demonstrate considerable added value for all parties in delivering and benefiting from efficient and effective navigation of regulatory landscapes. It offers an exposition of the normative principles and associated responsibilities of the concept. The extant invisibility of regulatory stewardship requires fuller recognition and better integration of the approach into the effective functioning of law and regulation in the health research context.