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Pause for Reflection…and Respect

Laurie, G

SCRIPTed - A Journal of Law, Technology & Society   12 (2) 81

DOI: 10.2966/scrip.120215.81

December 2015

SCRIPTed emerged as part of the vision for a Centre for Intellectual Property and Technology Law that began in 1998 when four of us – Lilian Edwards, Graeme Laurie, Hector MacQueen, and Charlotte Waelde – decided to combine our common research interests in establishing a research community that would explore the relationship between law and technologies in the broadest sense.

From the very beginning, we saw this as an inclusive club and we aspired to the objective that it inspire colleagues at all stages of their careers and with interests related in any ways to the broad intellectual church that we sought to build.

When AHRC funding came to an end in 2012, it was agreed that the medical law and ethics dimension of the work of SCRIPT had sufficient momentum to generate a new entity – the Mason Institute – and to allow SCRIPT to focus its efforts exclusively on intellectual property and information technology law. Notwithstanding, the common commitment to SCRIPTed has remained as a genuinely cross-cutting, student-led, non-obvious, and innovative initiative.