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e-Infrastructure (Special Issue)

Edwards, P   Bowker, G   Jackson, S   Williams, R

Journal of the Association for Information Systems   10 (5)

May 2009


Innogen's Robin Williams was one of the guest editors of this Special Issue of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, focusing on e-Infrastructure.

Introduction: An Agenda for Infrastructure Studies

Paul N. Edwards, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Steven J. Jackson, and Robin Williams

The Long Now of Technology Infrastructure: Articulating Tensions in Development

David Ribes and Thomas A. Finholt

Configurable Politics and Asymmetric Integration: Health e-Infrastructures in India

Sundeep Sahay, Eric Monteiro, and Margunn Aanestad

The Development of Data Infrastructures for eHealth: A Socio-Technical Perspective

Jenny Ure, Rob Procter, Yu-wei Lin, Mark Hartswood, Stuart Anderson, Sharon Lloyd, Joanna Wardlaw, Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, and Kate Ho

Ecologies of e-Infrastructures

Vidar Hepsø, Eric Monteiro, and Knut H. Rolland

Infrastructuring: Toward an Integrated Perspective on the Design and Use of Information Technology

Volkmar Pipek and Volker Wulf