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Imagining global health with justice: Ebola, impoverished people and health systems

Harmon, SHE   Gostin, L   Grant, L   Gillies, J   Laurie, G

Medical Law International   15 (1) 3-18

DOI: 10.1177/0968533215574798

September 2015   (First published online March 2015)

In an effort to highlight and better understand the inadequacies of the public health responses to the Ebola pandemic, the Global Health Academy, the Global Justice Academy and the JK Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and Law, all at the University of Edinburgh, UK, hosted a symposium on 27 October 2014, with a keynote address from renowned international public health lawyer, Professor Larry Gostin.
Drawing on his newest book, Global Health Law, Gostin discussed the failures of many Western states and international institutions to prevent the emergency from spiralling out of control. His central theme was ‘imagining global health with justice’, a fitting topic for this first collaboration of the Global Academies for Health and Justice, with the Mason Institute.

This paper contains the content of his presentation together with the responses of his supporting panel, Dr Liz Grant, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Global Health Academy, Dr Shawn Harmon, Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Mason Institute and Dr John Gillies, Honourary Senior Lecturer and General Practitioner (GP), each of whom reflected some core features of Professor Gostin’s call for global health with justice, all managed by the convenor, Professor Graeme Laurie.