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Regulating in developing countries: Multiple roles for medical research and products regulation in Argentina and India

Harmon, SHE   Kale, D

Technology in Society   43 (November 2015) 10-22

DOI: 10.1016/j.techsoc.2015.07.002

November 2015

This paper engages with the complex relationship between innovation and human health and the role of regulation in bringing the two together, and, in doing so, facilitating inclusive innovation in emerging economies. After outlining the contested role of regulation, we provide two case studies: regenerative medicine regulation in Argentina, and medical devices regulation in India.

While these empirically-based case studies examine different scientific sectors in different jurisdictions and therefore have different contextual foundations, they demonstrate the important link between regulatory policies and the successful promotion of innovation. Through them we challenge the oft-repeated complaint that regulation stifles innovation, demonstrating that both a lack of regulation (Argentina) and poorly conceived regulation (India) are equally damaging to innovation, to actor wellbeing, and, ultimately, to human health. We argue that devising new forms of regulation can facilitate increased innovation and thus improved technological (and economic) competitiveness (ie: social/regulatory innovation can lead to improved technological/scientific innovation).