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Determinants of personal resilience in the workplace: nurse prescribing in an African work context

Ngoasong, M   Groves, WN

Human Resource Development International  

DOI: 10.1080/13678868.2015.1128677

February 2016   (First published online December 2015)

This article explores the determinants of personal resilience using the case of nurse prescribing in the North West Region of Cameroon. Nurse prescribing has long been identified as a practical solution to the severe shortage of well-trained doctors and high incidence of diseases in developing countries. However, the working conditions of nurses are risky and vulnerable due to major constraints, such as inadequate training, poor reward systems, limited access to medical facilities/equipment, and high workloads.

Building on the resilience concept and using narrative analysis of in-depth interviews with nurses and nursing managers in public, private, and faith-based hospitals, the article develops a framework depicting three interrelated determinants of personal resilience, namely organisational plans and procedures, personal work context, and personal perception of an individual employee. The determinants are discussed further, and implications for human resource development theory and practice are critically examined.