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Guest Editorial: second part: The Politics of Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Celebrating the Contribution of Stewart Russell (1955–2011)

Williams, R   Liff, S   Winskel, M

Science & Technology Studies   28 (1) 3-9

March 2015

This is the second part of the special issue of Science & Technology Studies on the politics of innovation for environmental sustainability, initiated by a colloquium held at Edinburgh University to recognise Dr Stewart Russell’s contribution to Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS).

The papers in the first part of the special issue revolved around issues which preoccupied Russell for much of his academic life: the rescaling and decentralising of energy systems, and the role within this of district heating and combined heat and power. The papers explicated Russell’s core intellectual project and considered how this had contributed to contemporary theoretical debates in STIS. As part of his theoretical contribution Weber (2014) fleshed out Russell’s specific multi-level approach with its particular interest in political and institutional contestation.

The four articles that make-up this second special issue cover a wider range of sustainable technologies, innovations and transitions across energy, transport and buildings. They share Russell’s concern to develop detailed but incisive understandings of the dynamics, barriers and resistances to sustainable innovation, using STS-based and wider sociological analytical resources.

[A PDF version of this Editorial is available for download here]