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Emerging Challenges Facing Regional Innovation Policy: Lessons from the cases of Lower Austria, Lithuania and Saskatchewan

Rosiello, A   Castle, D   Mastroeni, M   Phillips, PWB

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management   Forthcoming

Perception vs practice: Farmer attitudes towards and uptake of IPM in Scottish spring barley

Bruce, A   Stetkiewicz, S   Burnett, F   Ennos, R   Topp, C. F. E

Crop Protection   112 / 96-102   May 2018

The social sciences, humanities, and health

Pickersgill, M   Chan, S   Haddow, G   Laurie, G   Sridhar, D   Sturdy, S   Cunningham-Burley, S

The Lancet   391 / 10129 / 1462–1463   April 2018

Health-industry linkages for local health: reframing policies for African health systems strengthening

Mackintosh, M   Mugwagwa, J   Banda, G   Tibandebage, P   Tunguhole, J   Wangwe, S   Njeru, M. K

Health Policy and Planning   33 / 4 / 602–610   March 2018

Rethinking health sector procurement as developmental linkages in East Africa

Mackintosh, M   Tibandebage, P   Njeru, M. K   Israel, C   Kungu, J. K   Mujinja, P. G. M

Social Science and Medicine   200 / 182-189   March 2018

Charting regulatory stewardship in health research: Making the invisible visible?

Laurie, G   Dove, E. S   Fletcher, I   Ganguli-Mitra, A   McMillan, C   Sethi, N   Sorbie, A

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics   27 / 2 / 333-347   March 2018

Governing multisectoral action for health in low- and middle-income countries.

Smith, J   Rasanathan, K   Bennett, S   Atkins, V   Beschel, R   Carrasquilla, G   et al.

PLoS Med   14 / 4   April 2017

Respecting Autonomy Over Time: Policy and Empirical Evidence on Re-consent in Longitudinal Biomedical Research

Wallace, SE   Gourna, EG   Laurie, G   Shoush, O   Wright, J

Bioethics   30 / 3 / 210–217   March 2016

Elberte v. Latvia: Whose tissue is it anyway – Relational autonomy or the autonomy of relations?

Dove, E   Mitra, AG   Laurie, G   McMillan, C   Taylor-Alexander, S

Medical Law International   15 / 2-3 / 77-96   February 2016

Acting on incidental findings in research imaging

Wardlaw, JM   Davies, H   Booth, TC   Laurie, G   et al

BMJ   351 / h5190   November 2015

On Moving Targets and Magic Bullets: Can the UK Lead the Way with Responsible Data Linkage for Health Research?

Laurie, G   Ainsworth, J   Cunningham, J   Dobbs, C   Jones, KH   et al

International journal of medical informatics   84 / 11 / 933–940   November 2015

“How long does it take?” A mixed methods evaluation of computer-related work in GP consultations

Hayward, J   Buckingham, S   Thomson, F   Milne, H   Sheikh, A   Williams, R

Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics   22 / 4 / 409 - 425   October 2015

Counting Quality?: The Czech Performance-Based Research Funding System

Good, B   Vermeulen, N   Tiefenthaler, B   Arnold, E

Research Evaluation   24 / 2 / 91-105   February 2015

Design of higher education teaching models and carbon impacts

Caird, S   Lane, A   Swithenby, E   Roy, R   Potter, S

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education   16 / 1 / 96–111   January 2015

Inclusion in, and exclusion from, open education communities

Lane, A   Comas-Quinn, A   Thomson, S

Journal of Interactive Media in Education   2014 / 2 / Editorial   December 2014

Towards a more open debate about values in decision making on agricultural biotechnology

Devos, Y   Sanvido, O   Raybould, A   Tait, J

Transgenic Research   23 / 6 / 933-943   December 2014

Innovation and Cost Reduction for Marine Renewable Energy: A learning investment sensitivity analysis

MacGillivray, A   Jeffrey, H   Winskel, M   Bryden, I

Technological Forecasting and Social Change   87 / September 2014 / 108–124   September 2014

Supply Chains and Energy Security in a Low Carbon Transition

Hoggett, R   Bolton, R   Candelise, C   Kern, F   Mitchell, C

Applied Energy   123 / 292–295   June 2014

The managed prosumer: evolving knowledge strategies in the design of information infrastructures

Johnson, M   Mozaffar, H   Campagnolo, GM   Hyysalo, S   Pollock, N   Williams, R

Information, Communication and Society   17 / 7 / 795-813   June 2014

One health: past successes and future challenges in three African contexts

Okello, AL   Bardosh, Kevin   Smith, J   Welburn, SC

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases   8 / 5 / e2884   May 2014

Engaging cooperative research

Hincliffe, S   Levidow, L   Oreszczyn, S

Environment and Planning A   46 / 9 / 2080–2094   May 2014

Remaking the UK’s energy technology innovation system: From the margins to the mainstream

Winskel, M   Radcliffe, J   Skea, J   Wang, X

Energy Policy   68 / May 2014 / 591–602   May 2014

Product Diversity and Spectrum of Choice in Hospital ePrescribing Systems in England

Mozaffar, H   Williams, R   Cresswell, K   Morrison, Z   Slee, A   Sheikh, A

PLoS One   9 / 4 / 92516   April 2014

People and teams matter in organizational change: professionals’ and managers’ experiences of changing governance and incentives in Primary Care

Allan, HT   Brearley, S   Byng, R   Christian, S   Clayton, J   Mackintosh, M   Price, L   Smith, P   Ross, F

Health Services Research   49 / 1 / 93–112   February 2014

Developing Pathways for Energy Storage in the UK using a Coevolutionary Framework

Taylor, P   Bolton, R   Stone, D   Upham, P

Energy Policy   63 / 230–243   December 2013

What Do We Need to Know to Enhance the Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Production? A Prioritisation of Knowledge Needs for the UK Food System.

Dicks, L. V.   Bardgett, R. D.   Bell, J.   Benton, T, G.   Booth, A.   Bouwman, J.   Brown, C.   Bruce, A   Burgess, P. J.   Butler, S. J.   Crute, I.   Dixon, F.   Drummond, C.   Freckleton, R. P.   Gill, M.   Graham, A.   Hails, R. S.   Hallett, J.   Hart, B.   Hillier, J. G.   Holland, J. M.   Huxley, J. N.   Ingram, J. S. I.   King, V.   MacMillan, T.   McGonigle, D. F.   McQuaid, C.   Nevard, T.   Norman, S.   Norris, K.   Pazderka, C.   Poonaji, I.   Quinn, C. H.   Ramsden, S. J.   Sinclair, D.   Siriwardena, G. M.   Vickery, J. A.   Whitmore, A. P.   Wolmer, W.   Sutherland, W. J.

Sustainability   2013 / 5 / 3095-3115   July 2013

A new approach to assess drug development performance

Rosiello, A   Dimitri, N.   Fiorini, F.

Drug discovery today   18 / 9-10 / 420-427   May 2013

Opening up the future(s) of synthetic biology

Frow, E.   Calvert, J

Futures   48 / April / 32-43   April 2013

Editorial: Public Health Pharmacogenomics and the Design Principles for Global Public Goods – Moving Genomics to Responsible Innovation

Ozdemir, V.   Borda-Rodriguez, A.   Dove, E. S.   Ferguson, L. R.   Huzair, F   Manolopoulos, V. G.   Masellis, M.   Milius, D.   Warnich, L.   Srivastava, S.

Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine   11 / 1 / 1-4   March 2013

Do You See What I See? Disability, Technology, Law and the Experience of Culture

Brown, A.   Harmon, SHE   Waelde, C.

International Review of Intellectual Property & Competition Law   43 / 8 / 901-929   March 2013

The Impact of Official Development Aid on Maternal and Reproductive Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Taylor, E. M.   Hayman, R.   Crawford, F.   Jeffery, P.   Smith, J

PLOS ONE   Online   February 2013

Novel GM animal technologies and their governance

Bruce, A   Castle, D   Gibbs, C.   Tait, J   Bruce, C.   Whitelaw, A.

Transgenic Research   22 / 4 / 681-695   January 2013

Path-dependent UK Bioenergy

Levidow, L.   Papaioannou, T   Borda-Rodriguez, A.

Science as Culture   22 / 2 / 213-221   December 2012

Capacity for a global vaccine safety system: The perspective of national regulatory authorities

Huzair, F   Graham, J. E.   Borda-Rodriguez, A.   Zinck, E.

Vaccine   30 / 33 / 4953–4959   July 2012

Financial and clinical risk in health care reform: a view from below

Smith, P.   Mackintosh, M   Ross, F.   Clayton, J.   Price, L.   Christian, S.   Byng, R.   Allan, H.

Journal of Health Services, Research and Policy   17 / 2 / 11-17   May 2012

Family History Tools in Primary Care: Does one Size fit All?

Wilson, B. J.   Carroll, J. C.   Allanson, J.   Little, J.   Etchegary, H.   Avard, D.   Potter, B. K.   Castle, D   Grimshaw, J. M.   Chakraborty, P.

Public Health Genomics   15 / 3-4 / 181–188   April 2012

Open Science Versus Commercialisation: A Modern Research Conflict?

Caulfield, T.   Harmon, SHE   Joly, Y.

Genome Medicine   4 / 17 / 1-11   February 2012

Effective Monitoring of Agriculture: a response

Sachs, J. D.   Remans, R.   Smukler, S. M.   Winowiecki, L.   Andelman, S. J.   Cassman, K. G.   Castle, D   DeFries, R.   Denning, G.   Fanzo, J.   Jackson, L. E.   Leemans, R.   Lehmann, J.   Milder, J. C.   Naeem, S.   Nziguheba, G.   Palm, C. A.   Pingali, P. L.   Reganold, J. P.   Richter, D. D.   Scherr, S. J.   Sircely, J.   Sullivan, C.   Tomich, T. P.   Sanchez, P. A.

Journal of environmental Monitoring   14 / 2 / 738-742   February 2012

The state and industrial policy in Ireland: a case study of the Irish pharmaceutical sector

Hannon, E.   Monks, K.   Conway, E.   Kelly, G.   Flood, P.   Truss, K.   Mastroeni, M

International Journal of Human Resource Management   22 / 18 / 3692-3710   November 2011

Biofuels: ethics and policy making

Tait, J   Buyx, A. M.

Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining   5 / 6 / 631–639   November 2011

Shaping an Ethical Future for Biofuels

Tait, J

BioScience   61 / 9 / 653-654   September 2011

China and Global ICT Standardisation and Innovation

Williams, R   Graham, I   Jakobs, K.   Lyytinend, K.

Technology Analysis and Strategic Management   23 / 7 / 715-724   July 2011

The ethics of biofuels

Tait, J

GCB Bioenergy   3 / 3 / 271-275   June 2011

Combining diverse knowledge: knowledge workers' experience of specialist and generalist roles

Kelly, G.   Mastroeni, M   Conway, E.   Monks, K.   Truss, K.   Flood, P.   Hannon, E.

Personnel Review   40 / 5 / 607-624   May 2011

Ethical Framework for Biofuels

Buyx, A   Tait, J

Science   332 / 6029 / 540-541   April 2011

Balancing Open Source Stem Cell Science with Commercialization

Courtney, A   de Sousa, P   George, C   Laurie, G   Tait, J

Nature Biotechnology   29 / 2 / 115-116   February 2011

Assessing the Privacy Risks of Data Sharing in Genomics

Heeney, C   Hawkins, N   de Vries, J   Boddington, P   Kaye, K

Public Health Genomics   14 / 1 / 17-25   January 2011

Adoption and use of Web 2.0 in scholarly communications

Procter, R   Williams, R   Stewart, J   Poschen, M   Snee, H   Voss, A   Asgari-Targhi, M

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A   368 / 1926 / 4039-4056   September 2010

Public Access to Genome-Wide Data: Five Views on Balancing Research with Privacy and Protection

P3G Consortium   Church, G   Heeney, C   et al

PLoS Genetics   5 / 10 / 1000665   October 2009

e-Infrastructure (Special Issue)

Edwards, P   Bowker, G   Jackson, S   Williams, R

Journal of the Association for Information Systems   10 / 5   May 2009

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY Data sharing in genomics - re-shaping scientific practice

Kaye, J   Heeney, C   Hawkins, N   de Vries, J   Boddington, P

Nature Reviews Genetics   May 2009

The role of social scientists in synthetic biology

Calvert, J   Martin, P

EMBO Reports   10 / 3 / 201-204   February 2009

The Path Forward for DNA Data

Boddington, P   Hawkins, N   Heeney, C   De Vries, J   Kaye, J

Science   322 / 5905 / 1186-1187   November 2008

Placing evidence in context: A response to Fry's commentary

Williams, B   Entwistle, V   Haddow, G   Wells, M

Social Science and Medicine   66 / 7 / 1461-1462   April 2008

Promoting research participation: Why not advertise altruism?

Williams, B   Entwistle, V   Haddow, G   Wells, M

Social Science and Medicine   66 / 7 / 1451-1456   April 2008

Knowledge-making distinctions in synthetic biology

O'Malley, M   Powell, A   Davies, J   Calvert, J

BioEssays   30 / 1 / 57-65   January 2008

Racial Categories in Medicine: A Failure of Evidence-Based Practice?

Ellison, GTH   Smart, A   Tutton, R   Outram, S   Ashcroft, R   Martin, P

PLoS Medicine   4 / 9 / e287   September 2007

Shifting Subject Positions

Kerr, A   Cunningham-Burley, S   Tutton, R

Social Studies of Science   37 / 3 / 385-411   June 2007

Governing genetic databases: Challenges facing research regulation and practice

Gibbons, SMC   Kaye, J   Smart, A   Heeney, C   Parker, M

Journal of Law and Society   34 / 2 / 163-189   June 2007

The Study of Socioethical Issues in Systems Biology

O'Malley, M   Calvert, J   Dupre J

American Journal of Bioethics   7 / 4 / 67-78   April 2007

A Systemic Approach to Scoping of Factors Influencing More Sustainable Land Use in Herefordshire

Morris, D   Oreszczyn, S   Blackmore, C   Ison, R   Martin, S

Local Environment   11 / 6 / 683-699   January 2007

Dolly for dinner? Assessing commercial and regulatory trends in cloned livestock

Suk, J   Bruce, A   Gertz, R   Warkup, C   Whitelaw, CBA   Braun, A   Oram, C   Rodríguez-Cerezo, D   Papatryfon, I

Nature Biotechnology   25 / 1 / 47-53   January 2007

A perverse subsidy: African trained nurses and doctors in the NHS

Mackintosh, M   Raghuram, P   Henry, L

Soundings   34 / 103-113   November 2006

Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study; a new resource for researching genes and heritability

Smith, BH   Campbell, H   Blackwood, D   Connell, J   Deary, IJ   Dominiczak, AF   Fitzpatrick, B   Ford, I   Jackson, C   Haddow, G   Kerr, S   Lindsay, R   McGilchrist, M   Morton, R   Murray, G   Palmer, CNA   Pell, JP   Ralston, SH

BMC Medical Genetics   7 / 74   October 2006

Confidentiality of personal health information used for research

Kalra, D   Gertz, R   Singleton, P   Inskip, H

British Medical Journal   333 / 196-198   July 2006

Scotland's Science Strategy

Lyall, C

Scottish Affairs   52 / Summer / 51-70   June 2005

Whole-genome patenting

O'Malley, M   Bostanci, A   Calvert, J

Nature Reviews Genetics   6 / 6 / 502-506   June 2005

Frontiers and Freedoms

Smith, J

South African Geographical Journal   85 / 2 / 112-114   January 2005

The Social Shaping of Technology (SST) Perspective and the Challenges for Chinese Modernisation

Shen, X   Williams, R

Impact of Science on Society (Kexue de Shehui Yingxiang)   January 2005

Patient Satisfcation With and Relative Costs of Two Different Models of Cancer Genetics Services in South East Scotland

Campbell, H   Holloway, S   Portwous, M   Cetnarskyj, R   Anderson, E   Rush, R   Fry, A   Gorman, D   Steel, M

British Journal of Cancer   90 / 3 / 582-9   February 2004

What is R&D and Why Does It Matter?

Forbes, N   Wield, D

Science and Public Policy   31 / 4 / 267-277   January 2004

International benchmarking of biotech research centres

Hinze S   Calvert, J   Reiss, T   Senker, J   Patel, P

Research Evaluation   12 / 2 / 85-89   August 2003

Biotechnology and development: threats and promises for the 21st century

Clark, N   Stokes, K   Mugabe, J

Futures   34 / 9-10 / 786-806   November 2002

Myopic Selection

Geroski, PA   Mazzucato, M

Metroeconomica   53 / 2 / 181-199   May 2002

Industry responses to the European controversy over agricultural biotechnology

Levidow, L   Oreszczyn, S   Assouline, G   Joly, P

Science and Public Policy   29 / 4 / 267-275   January 2002

Novartis: New Agribusiness Strategy

Chataway, J

AgBioForum   4 / 1 / Article 3, 14-19   January 2001

Zeneca Agrochemicals

Tait, J

AgBioForum   4 / 1 / 63-67 (Article 11)   January 2001