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Scenario Planning, Backcasting, and Transition Management for Sustainable Development

October 9 2007

Venue: Edinburgh University, Seminar Room 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall, High School Yards

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"Scenario Planning, Backcasting, and Transition Management for Sustainable Development" - Professor Philip J. Vergragt


The challenges of sustainable development and climate change cannot be met by technological innovations alone. Changes in life styles and values will be necessary too. In this presentation I will review some approaches that are based on long-term scenarios, but aim at implementing changes at a much shorter timescale. In the USA, Tellus Institute has launched the reat Transition Initiative In the Netherlands the approaches of ackcastingand ransition managementhave been developed in the 90s and the 00s. Examples of backcasting were the Dutch Sustainable Technological Development program and the EU project ustainable Households Transition management will be critically evaluated with Carbon Capture and Storage as a case. To conclude I will argue that multi-stakeholder higher order learning processes are key to experimenting in niches and to large-scale transitions.,1338,en.t4.html