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Life Science Companies: Managing a Turbulent Future

April 25 – April 27 2007

Venue: The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh.

Organised by: Innogen

Innogen are launching their Executive Development Programme with an exciting 3-day course covering Innovation Processes; Policy Regulation and Governance; and Stakeholder Powers and Governance.

Innovation Processes

  • Managing interactions

  • Changing relationships between discovery and development

  • Translation to public sector markets and development for commercial markets

  • Changing relationships between small and large firms

  • Managing new types of product

Regulation and Governance

  • Regulatory developments and global governance of life sciences

  • Risk management

  • New kinds of product create new regulatory needs

  • Intellectual property

Stakeholder Influences

  • Changing nature of markets for life science products (public and commercial, developed and developing world)

  • New ranges of stakeholders to be considered

  • How to manage different stakeholder responses (without their different interests or values),1342,en.t4.html