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A framework for using genome wide scanning in drug development: the right drug for the right patient at the right dose

April 5 2007

Venue: David Hume Tower, Conference Room, Ground Floor, George Square, Edinburgh University

Organised by: Innogen

Genome-wide SNP screening (gws) became commercially possible in early 2006 with the roll-out of standardized genotyping platforms. We have applied gws in drug discovery as well as in pharmacogenetics [PGX]. A framework for providing hypothesis-free genomic analyses to determine SNP profiles predictive of efficacy and timed for drug approvals will be presented.
Applying gws in the discovery of profiles that can predict adverse events has resulted in confirmatory data, and is now being considered for post-marketing surveillance in risk management studies. The uncertain statistical problems involved with candidate gene studies can be approached through the use of gws because the genetic analyses are mapped to the constained order of SNPs and genes on the human genome. Another particularly rapid use of gws allows the frequent reports of SNPs or genes presumed to be associated to be rapidly checked once gws analyses are available.. Examples efficacy PGx applications for building predictive haplotypes in drug development, and gms applications in safety PGS during drug development and post-marketing will be demonstrated.,1344,en.t4.html