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CoPS revisited: ten years of the ESRC's Complex Product Systems Innovation Centre

April 2 2007

Venue: Seminar Rm 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall, High School Yards

Organised by: Innogen

The aim of the CoPS Innovation Centre was to make a fundamental contribution to our understanding and management of innovation in complex high value, capital goods, industrial products, systems, constructs and networks. CoPS represent the capital goods which underpin all modern economic activity and, as such, they are vitally important to the UK and all other countries. The Centre, funded by the ESRC was to provide an umbrella for world class UK research in the CoPS area. Ten years ago, Howard Rush presented a seminar in the Old Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh to introduce the new CoPS Innovation Centre. Ten years later, with ESRC funding coming to an end, this seminar will revisiting the achievements of the Centre.,1346,en.t4.html