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Share your views about women donating eggs for Stem Cell Research: A public debate

November 23 2006

Organised by: Innogen

The UK's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has launched a public consultation about the possible donation of human eggs for use in research, especially stem cell research. This has been prompted by growing pressure for increased quantity and quality of eggs for use in stem cell research. There are two potential sources of donated eggs: from women undergoing IVF treatment, or from women who are not undergoing IVF. In order to generate discussion about the issues that using eggs and embryos in stem cell research raises, the Public Engagement in Stem Cell Research team are inviting you to:

Share your views about women donating eggs for stem cell research: a public debate at

Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on 23rd November from
7.15pm to 8.45pm (starting with refreshments at 6.30pm)

Run by the Public Engagement in Stem Cell Research team from the University of Edinburgh, this public event involves a panel of people responding to comments and questions from the audience on particular aspects of donating eggs for stem cell research. You are invited to pose your own question or comment to the panel for their comment or to simply come along and listen to this event, chaired by Sarah Cunningham-Burley. The panel are:

Diane Beeson, Sociologist and Women's Health Activist
Daniel Brison, Scientific Director at Regional IVF Unit
Donna Dickenson, Medical Ethicist: Academic and Activist
Harry Griffin, Director of Roslin Institute
Sheena Young, Infertility Network UK Regional Coordinator for Scotland,1351,en.t4.html