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Cord Blood Banking - new economies of hope and promise in stem cell innovation

March 13 2006

Venue: Seminar Rm 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall, High School Yards

Organised by: Innogen

Seminar at Edinburgh University: Since the mid 1990s, numerous companies have mushroomed around the world offering parents the opportunity to store the cord blood stem cells of their newborns. Cord blood banking has lately been central to the construction of stem cell expectations, and just as central in brokering new corporeal-commodity relations that connect new parents with emerging biomedical markets. This paper explores several important threads in the promissory features of cord blood banking including: the relationship between the imagination and corporeality-materiality; emerging familial responsibilities and even the reordering of kinship and family ties, or `blood ties'; and importantly, the question of agency and authorship in the construction of stem cell expectations.,1359,en.t4.html