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The Diffusion of an Innovative Vaccine Biotechnology : An Examination of Alternative Regulatory Burdens using System Dynamics

February 16 2006

Venue: Library Research Seminar Room, The Open University, Walton Hall

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Innogen/Innovation, Knowledge and Development (IKD) Joint Seminar

This seminar will examine the potential impact the introduction of plant-derived vaccine (PDV) biotechnology could have as a substitute to existing vaccine technology available on the market. Using a system dynamics model of technology diffusion and demographic evolution, the presentation examines the case of hepatitis B in India. The model includes the interaction between infection rates, mortality rates, vaccination rates, and constrained supply to examine alternative regulatory burden scenarios. In spite of promising features for PDVs, such as lower production costs, institutional hurdles to a widespread diffusion of the technology still need to be overcome.,1361,en.t4.html