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Research Workshop

November 18 – November 20 2008

Venue: The Commonwealth Institute

Maureen Mackintosh & Joanna Chataway
Innovation, Knowledge and Development Research Centre and INNOGEN
The Open University, UK

Marc Wuyts
Institute of Social Studies
The Hague, Netherlands

Workshop Agenda

Friday 18 November

Mind the Gap: Thinking about poverty,production and technology

-the actual and potential role of social protection in underpinning productivity and innovation
-the `systems of innovation' framework and its relevance to research on production-poverty policy linkages

Opening speaker
Thandika Mkandawire - Director of UNRISD, Geneva
Social policy in a development context

Lynn Mytelka (UNU_INTECH)
How technological change excludes the poor
Suma Athreye - The Open University
Information technology and systems of innovation

Coffee Break

Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka - (UNU-INTECH) title to follow
Raphie Kaplinsky - IDS Sussex
`Sectoral studies and the fallacy of composition'


Linking finance, production and human capabilities

-policies for improving productive capabilities in conditions of generalised poverty
-the role of financial mechanisms in blocking or facilitating the improvement of productive capabilities
-formalisation of employment relations as a mechanism of social protection and productivity improvement

Opening Speaker
Charles Gore - UNCTAD
Director of Least Developed Countries report

Marc Wuyts - ISS and Roberto Simonetti - The Open University
`Banking on rural productivity: the GAPI experience in Mozambique'
Massoud Karshenas - ISS
Productivity constraints to macroenomic adjustments in the least developed countries: inflation, real exchange rates and competitiveness in a poverty reduction strategy
Adamasu Shiferaw - ISS
Productivity dynamics and survival of manufacturing firms in Sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia)

Tea Break

Sachin Chaturvedi - RIS, New Delhi
Financial Incentives, Innovation systems and new technologies.
Anne Posthuma & Umit Efendioglu - ILO
Decent work in global production systems: An integrated approach to economic and social upgrading

Saturday 19 November

Innovation, public health and poverty reduction

-IPRs, innovation, public health linkages and its implications for poverty reduction
-IPR, pharmaceuticals, trade and poverty policy
-public/private partnerships, health systems integration and capacity building for equitable health care in low income contexts
-vaccine systems of innovation and links to poverty policy

Geoff Oldham and Rachelle Harriss - MIHR
Developing innovative capacity in developing countries to meet their health needs
Sudip Chaudhuri - Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India
Incentives for fostering pharmaceutical R&D: The case of India.
Meri Koivusalo - STAKES, Finland
What are the common North/South issues in trade- related IPRs and access to pharmaceuticals? Reflections on the role of NGOs

Coffee Break

Luigi Orsenigo - Bocconi University, Milan
Integrative capabilities in innovation and other policies for fighting poverty: brokers and integrators'
Joanna Chataway, James Smith and Rebecca Hanlin, INNOGEN
HIV vaccine development partnerships and capacity building: systems, boundaries and useful concepts
Halla Thorsteinsdottir - Bioethics Centre, Toronto
The Role of the Health System in Health Biotechnology Development
Chrispin Kambili - International Aids Vaccine Initiative


Health systems, financing and poverty

-health systems capabilities and human capabilities: concepts, indicators and linkages
-health financing issues, equity in health systems and poverty policy
-entrepreneurial reforms, institutional responses and health care access by the poor
-the scope for generating productive activity linked to health systems in low income countries

Masuma Mamdani & Paula Tibandebage - Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA), Tanzania
Health systems financing in Tanzania: A critical assessment of equity implications of CHF.
Sebastião Loureiro - University of Bahia, Brazil
Technological innovation and equity in health care
Paul Anand - The Open University
The Development of Capability Indicators: Results of a National Survey

Tea Break

Barbara McPake - Institute for International Health & Development, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
Hospital autonomy and two-tier charging systems in Zambia and Uganda - effects on equity of access and quality of care
Padmashree Gehl Sampath - UNU INTECH
Paula Tibandebage - REPOA and Maureen Mackintosh - The Open University
Competitive and organisational constraints on quality, investment and innovation in a liberalised and informalised health system (Tanzania)

Sunday 20 November

Discussion of future projects and plans

Additional workshop participants

Hanna Kettler - The Gates Foundation (tbc)

Charles Gardner - The Rockefeller Foundation

Barbara Harriss-White - Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford

DfID representative (tbc)

David Wield - The Open University, INNOGEN

Joseph Hanlon - The Open University, Development Policy and Practice

Mariana Mazzucato - The Open University, Innovation Knowledge and Development

Charles Clift - CIPIH, WHO (tbc),1365,en.t4.html