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RGS-IBG Annual Conference

September 2 2005


In 2005 the RGS-IBG international conference was hosted by the Society in Kensington Gore, London. The Society's research groups continue to provide the intellectual core of the conference. It will be the first real opportunity to welcome the academic community to the refurbished buildings at Lowther Lodge. Overspill is to take place in Imperial College.

Geographical research on flows and spaces has been reinvigorated in recent years because they encapsulate three major themes in contemporary research: the changing ways in which these are articulated and mutually shaped and shaping; the globalisation of flows and their impacts, at many different scales; and the interweaving of natural and social flows and spaces. This conference will provide an international platform for discourse between geographers and geographies as they explore themes which are central to how we understand and respond to the changing social and natural worlds that we live in.,1369,en.t4.html