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Innogen workshop
Innogen History and Future
A celebration of what we have done so far and a strategy for the future

October 5 2016

Venue: Room G.42, Paterson’s Land, University of Edinburgh Holyrood Campus

Organised by: The Innogen Institute

This workshop aimed at bringing together Innogen members from the Open University and the University of Edinburgh, and discussing new avenues of research collaborations between the two institutions.

After a celebration of Innogen’s achievements, first as a ESRC Centre and then as the Innogen Institute, participants did a short presentation of their work, generating topics of discussion for the themed group sessions in the afternoon.

The participants included three new members of Miguel Garcia-Sancho’s research group: James Lowe, Mark Wong and Giuditta Parolini.

Innogen Workshop 2016 - Agenda PDF, 208KB

Innogen Workshop 2016 - List of participants PDF, 236KB

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