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Antimicrobial Resistance, Livestock and the Environment

May 31 2016

Venue: University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square

Dr Ann Bruce, NERC Agri-Food Industry Knowledge Exchange Fellow, is organising this invitation-only workshop.

It will bring together informed individuals from across sectors and disciplines to identify key strategies for managing antimicrobial resistance in the farm environment, and to clarify future research needs. There is potential to take forward actions identified in this workshop with the recently established Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock.

Controlling antimicrobial resistance is recognised as a highly important global topic. This participatory workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the knowledge base among environmental scientists, veterinarians and animal scientists, with the intention of having a clearer idea of what we know now, how what we know can inform on-farm practice at present, and what we need to know in the future. Specifically, the workshop aims to promote a constructive dialogue between different sectors in research and practice, in order to: identify synergies and opportunities for deeper co-operation; raise awareness of the current state of the knowledge (resources and needs); and recommend appropriate steps, tools or actions.

This workshop offers a timely opportunity to participate in clarifying ideas on managing antimicrobial resistance in the farm environment. Incorporating wider environmental, veterinary and animal science research and practice perspectives, we will be able to learn from and add value to insights from a number of valuable research initiatives that could have meaningful impacts on research and practice.

Please note that this workshop is now full.