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Science Saturdays series at the National Museum of Scotland
Why resistance to antibiotics and other anti-microbial drugs matters and what can be done

December 5 2015

Venue: National Museum of Scotland - 2:30pm - 4pm

‘Antibiotic Resistance: A silent tsunami, crumbling down the pillars upon which modern medicine is built’

The National Museum of Scotland, in association with the British Science Association, is holding a panel discussion on anti-microbial resistance for the general public.

Prof Joyce Tait (Director of the Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Ann Bruce (Co-Director of Innogen - Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Till Bachmann (Deputy Head of Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Thamarai Schneiders (Senior Lecturer in Molecular Bacteriology, Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine, University of Edinburgh)
Dr Claire Mackintosh (Consultant Infectious Disease Physician, NHS Lothian)

The panel will be chaired by Kenneth Macdonald, Science Correspondent, News and Current Affairs, BBC Scotland.

There will be presentations on:

- How does resistance develop? Different kinds of resistance (it&rsauo;s not that simple) and some of the research being done into mechanisms of resistance. What promise does that hold?

- Probable consequences of AMR for human health and some of the problems and possibilities for clinicians, e.g. in avoiding over-prescription?

- What is being done in medical research to help clinicians use AM drugs more effectively? Problems of over-availability, importance of infection control, accurate diagnosis

- Is use of antibiotics and other antimicrobials in animal rearing increasing the dangers for human health? What can / should be / is being done to prevent this?

- Responses of drug companies to the need for the development of new antimicrobials and ways in which government policy can shape these responses by reducing regulatory restraints, encouraging new business models and providing economic incentives?

Panel discussion:
What can we as individuals and a society do? Where should resources be invested?

Further information on the event is available here.

Flyer for the event PDF, 124KB