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IKD Workshop
Financialisation: Taking stock and looking forward

June 6 – June 6 2014

The Open University, London, 11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, NW1 8NP

Organised by: Stuart Parris, Innovation Knowledge Development (IKD), The Open University

Since the advent of the financial crisis and ensuing recession in western economies the notion of financialisation has become mainstream and is now used in many different discourses. A rapidly growing number of references to financialisation can be found in various disciplines, such as sociology, politics, accounting and economics. The wide usage of this term, however, means that its interpretation varies significantly, and its contribution to the understanding of recent economic and social dynamics has taken many different forms.

As result the Open University’s IKD Centre is hosting a workshop which aims to:
- take stock of the main contributions offered by the
use of the term financialisation to the understanding of recent dynamics of capitalist societies
- identify key contributions generated by the use of the term financialisation
- look forward to identify the key issues that are likely to shape the research agenda around financialisation
The full programme of the workshop can be found here.