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Workshop: Independence and Innovation Policy in Scotland

March 24 2014


Organised by: Innogen

Innogen is hosting a workshop to discuss how the institutions and dynamics of Scottish innovation will be affected by Scottish independence. The workshop offers a forum for experts from different stakeholder communities (Scottish industry, public sector, academia, civil society, international experts on regions, devolution and innovation) to explore, evaluate and discuss the upcoming independence referendum and its potential impact on business and the development and delivery of innovation.

The potential for positive or negative impact on wealth creation arising from independence is relevant to all in Scotland, and the UK more generally. The workshop will explore these issues from an evolutionary systems perspective to better understand how Scotland’s institutions will respond to different degrees of independence, and how those responses, in turn, will shape future innovation capacity through impact on higher education, entrepreneurial capacity and financial capacity. This workshop aims to address some of these issues and contribute to our project’s broader aim to provide informed, evidence-based arguments to the referendum debate.

This workshop is invitation-only, and run under Chatham House Rules. Please contact Alessandro Rosiello at for further details.