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Workshop: Open and Closed - Motivations for open science and its implications for innovation

March 10 2014


Organised by: Innogen and Egenis

The Innogen Institute at the University of Edinburgh and the Egenis Institute at the University of Exeter are hosting a one-day workshop to discuss openness in science and innovation.

Investments in the United Kingdom’s bioeconomy are expected to deliver significant socio-economic benefits through innovations in health, agriculture and the environment. These investments are increasingly tied to the promotion of ‘open science’ and ‘open innovation,’ in emerging fields including systems and synthetic biology. The open access, open data and open technology movements promise to improve collaboration between scientists working at the frontiers of knowledge, while optimising pathways to rapid commercialisation of beneficial products and services.

We are examining these issues in our ESRC-funded project entitled “Trajectories of Emerging Life Science and Open Innovation.” The project assesses the meanings of ‘openness’ in contemporary systems and synthetic biology, elucidates what motivates scientists to be open, and examines whether the recent emphasis on openness in science by the UK government has an impact on scientific practice with further implications for the development and commercialisation of technology. Having reached the final stage of the project, we now wish to discuss our findings with those who have a keen interest in open science and open innovation.

This workshop creates an opportunity for the key stakeholders from government, academia and industry to explore, evaluate and discuss the various levels and forms of openness in biosciences, scientists’ motivations driving openness and closeness, as well as the implications of openness for science and innovation in the United Kingdom.

This workshop is invite-only and run under Chatham House Rules, please contact Dagmara Weckowska at for further details.