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Workshop: Scottish Independence & Health
Assessing the impact of independence on clinical research and healthcare

March 21 2014


Organised by: Innogen

The workshop offers a forum for experts from different stakeholder communities (scientists, clinicians, funders, patient organisations, commercial organisations and policymakers) to explore, evaluate and discuss the impact of both devolution and potential independence scenarios (based on the Scottish Government’s White Paper), on medical research funding, research infrastructure and clinical assets in Scotland; and, ultimately, the delivery of healthcare to Scotland’s citizens.

The workshop will explore these issues in the broader context of the promises and expectations about health and wealth benefits for the Scottish population that have been presented as a valuable national asset and “living lab” for life science research under devolution. With a partially devolved clinical research system and fully devolved healthcare provision, there are many important questions and ongoing uncertainties relevant to the independence question. This workshop aims to address some of these issues and contribute to our project’s broader aim to provide informed, evidence-based arguments to the referendum debate.

This event is invite-only and run under Chatham House Rules, please contact James Mittra at for further details.