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The role of policy brokers in biotechnology regulation

July 25 – July 25 2012


The Open University

Ground Floor Chambers, Room 00-13

Lunch will be provided at 12:00pm, Seminar starts at 12:30pm

All Welcome

The role of policy brokers in biotechnology regulation

Debates about biotechnology continue to be polarized despite its potential to improve the living and health standards of the poor in Sub Saharan Africa. This polarization has been caused by global and domestic conflicts brought about by differing perspectives on risks and benefits towards agricultural biotechnology thus influencing the emerging public policy debates. In the backdrop of this polarized scenario, this discussion paper asks, is there a place for intermediaries in bringing about a productive debate that is pro development? The paper argues that if potential intermediaries are analyzed from the perspective of understanding their role and stakeholding in the regulatory change process, this may help breakout the current polarized anti and pro biotechnology debates and thereby focus on how to enable productive biotechnology development. Intermediaries or brokers are known to facilitate innovation through demand articulation, network formation and innovation process management. Informed by insights from innovation brokering, policy brokering is used as an analytical framework to interrogate the functions of brokers in biotechnology regulation through the lens of organizations involved in agricultural biotechnology debates in Kenya. The analysis finds that policy brokering function is dynamic and pervasive and attracts varying opportunities and challenges appropriate for informing relevant policy and practice. The paper draws lessons from Kenya’s experience to inform a productive policy brokering model for biotechnology regulation.

Speaker’s Bio

Ann undertook her doctoral research at DPP and Innogen focusing on regulation of biotechnology in a developing country context. She went on to develop her research skills in this area as a research fellow in a DFID funded Research into Use programme. She will deliver a seminar focusing on her post PhD research work that includes the “role of policy brokers in biotechnology regulation”. She is currently coordinating research activities under various programmes implemented by the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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