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ESRC Genomics Network Conference 2012 - Genomics in Society: Facts, Fictions and Cultures

April 23 – April 24 2012

Venue: The British LibraryThe British Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road,
London NW1 2DB

The ESRC Genomics Network (EGN) was established in 2002, and this 2012 conference organised by Egenis, celebrated a decade of academic achievement in the social sciences. Some 175 delegates from across the globe came together to share a programme packed with more than 70 speakers, with topics concentrating on human genetics and genomics and new testing technologies, exploring the societal changes these may bring and the ethical issues raised. The relationship between the promises and fictions of genomics and the social realities emerging during its development were a key theme. The British Library was the perfect venue for a conference that, among other themes, explored the narratives, images and imaginaries enveloping genomics in culture.

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Presentations: Day One - Monday 23 April 2012

Session 1B: Dirk Stemerding - Towards a European Policy for the Governance of Ethical and Legal Issues of Synthetic Biology and Human Health (PDF, 260 kB)

Session 1B: Jochem Zwier - Viral biomaterials as biomimetic tools (PDF, 429 kB)

Session 1C: Eric Vermeulen - Genetic testing and ?Ǩbiosociality?ǨѢ revisited Comparing attitudes towards genetic testing between 2002-2010 (PDF, 250 kB)

Session 1C: Tamar Sharon - Between Choice and Discipline Exploring the Unexpected Normativity of Healthy Citizenship (PDF, 356 kB)

Session 1D: Susan Kelly - Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing technologies, direct to consumer tests for fetal sex, and the limits of bioethics? (PDF, 1,001 kB)

Session 1D: Hannah Farrimond - What do the public think of new non- invasive prenatal tests?: A Q- methodology study (PDF, 298 kB)

Session 1D: Heather Strange - Emerging prenatal genetic testing technologies: ethical issues and the need for empirical research (PDF, 447 kB)

Session 2A: Matthias Wienroth and Pippa Goldschmidt - More than mirrors at the focal point? Art-science in the ?Ǩthird space?ǨѢ (PDF, 550 kB)

Session 2A: Lorraine Kerr and Christine Knight - Lab notes: Exploring biology and robotics through music (PDF, 4,350 kB)

Session 2B: Gail Henderson - Not a Simple Story: Contextualizing Opt?ǨOut in U.S. Biobanks (PDF, 552 kB)

Session 2B: Gabrielle Bertier - Professional and family attitudes regarding large scale genetic information generated through next generation sequencing in research (PDF, 709 kB)

Session 2D: Arndt Bialobrzeski - How to differentiate and evaluate common good and public good (PDF, 288 kB)

Session 3A: Jonathan Kahn - Mandating Race: How the PTO is Forcing Race into Biotechnology Patents (PDF, 50 kB)

Session 3B: Sara Huston Katsanis - DNA Identification for Human Trafficking Prevention (PDF, 1,060 kB)

Session 3C: David Castle - Uncertainties in Food Security (PDF, 742 kB)

Session 3C: Norman Clark - DFID Research into Use Programme (2006-2012) (PDF, 497 kB)

Session 3C: Les Levidow - Food versus fuel? Technoscientific solutions for what problem? (PDF, 249 kB)

Day Two - Tuesday 24 April 2012

Session 4A: Anna Harris - Intersecting determinisms - Genetics goes online (PDF, 1,068 kB)

Session 4A: Chris Groves Walking the tightrope: expectations and standards in personal genomic susceptibility testing (PGST) (PDF, 586 kB)

Session 4B: Monika Gisler - Exuberant Innovation: The Human Genome Project (PDF, 535 kB)

Session 4C: Corrina Gibbs - New generation GM animals ?Ǩ practical and regulatory implications (PDF, 199 kB)

Session 4D: Jane Miller - Patient experience of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) within the all?ǨWales cascade genetic testing programme (PDF, 276 kB)

Session 4D: Nadine Levin - Shifting Disease Classifications and Boundaries of Normal/Abnormal in ?Ǩ?Omics?Ǩ Research Practices (PDF, 985 kB)

Session 4D: Anna Pigeon - The French bioethics law regarding genetic testing: new duties to inform family members (PDF, 229 kB)

Session 5A: Anna Pokorska-Bocci/Alison Hall - Next steps in the sequence The implications of whole genome sequencing for health in the UK (PDF, 1,120 kB)

Session 5B: Maureen McNeil - The Right Stuff (PDF, 380 kB)

Session 5D: Angus Clarke - Stigma, self-esteem and reproductive confidence (only a taste of the data) (PDF 67 kB)
* Please note that these web slides are only a selection of those used in the talk*

Session 5D: Celine Lewis - Non-invasive prenatal testing: A new dawn in antenatal care (PDF 260 kB)

Session 5D: Shenaz Ahmed - Cross-cultural values of ?Ǩinformed choice?ǨѢ in antenatal screening (PDF 744 kB)

Session 6A: Etienne Vignola-Gagn?ɬ - Translational Research: A New Form of Governance for Genomic Medicine? (PDF 352 kB)

Session 6B: Kyriaki Papageorgiou - DNA Activation and the Evolution of Human Consciousness: Tales of Fact and Fiction from Egypt and Beyond (PDF 8,895)

Session 6D: Felicity Boardman - Experience as Knowledge : Prenatal and Genetic Testing Decisions For Spinal Muscular Atrophy (PDF, 445 kB)

Session 6D: Jessica Mozersky/Dena Davis - Liberal Eugenics, BRCA breast cancer and Ashkenazi Jews: Bridging Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives (PDF, 116 kB),24142,en.t4.html