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ESRC Genomics Network Fringe Event at the Liberal Democrats Conference - Pills or progress: what is needed to improve healthcare in Africa?

September 21 – September 21 2010

- Hall 13, Arena & Convention Centre (ACC), Monarchs Quay, Liverpool L3 4FP - as part of the Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference 2010

Organised by: ESRC Genomics Network -


Outline: Diseases like malaria, AIDS and TB kill millions of people around the world, with children in developing countries particularly at risk. Research into vaccines and medicines is vital, but so is supporting health care systems.

Life-saving drugs, which often require refrigeration, need to be transported across continents to reach remote and rural areas. Qualified staff need to store medicines, diagnose diseases and administer treatment, and the medicines need to be affordable to some of the poorest people in the world. Pills are certainly important, but we can't lose sight of the bigger picture.

This session will suggest recommendations for policymakers in order to see beyond the provision of a pill as being the 'technofix' to tackle disease effectively.


Refreshments will be available at this event.,23785,en.t4.html