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Mapping the Genomic Era: Measurements and Meanings

October 7 – October 9 2009

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Organised by: Cesagen on behalf of the ESRC Genomics Network

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This conference in the EGN series provided an opportunity to develop further the debate and dialogue around current and future developments in the life sciences, between academics working in a broad range of social science disciplines and associated stakeholders, including natural and biomedical scientists and policymakers.

The overarching theme of the conference sought to consider how and where ‘measurements’ of different kinds are at stake, for example:

  • The difficulties in producing common scientific, political, economic and social measures 

  • How the abstraction of measuring transforms the object to be measured

  • How measurement can add to meaning and knowledge and/or detract from it

  • The hidden costs of precision

  • Consequences of particular forms of measurement for various groups and individuals

  • Statistical power in relation to genome wide association studies, epidemiology, and their application in biobanking projects and personal genomics

  • Measurement of the impact of research

 The conference also examined the contexts in which ‘meanings’ are mediated, discussed and produced, such as in policy making, governance of science and technology, through clinical applications, and within different academic disciplines, public engagement efforts, civil society, activist communities, social movements, the media etc

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Keynote Speakers:

  • Nobel Prize Winner Professor Sir Martin Evans, Cardiff University

  • Professor Joan Fujimura, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

  • Dr. Paul Martin, University of Nottingham

  • Professor Douglas Turnbull, Newcastle University

  • Dr. Huanming Yang, Beijing Genomics Institute

After Dinner Speaker:

Welsh Legend J.P.R. Williams

Policy Engagement Session in collaboration with the Society for Genomics Policy and Population Health:

Thursday 8 October, 14:15 - 16:00

Genomics: Translation into Public Health Policy


These workshops all took place on Thursday 8 October, 11.45 - 13.15,23303,en.t4.html