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THeSyS Seminar Series: Interdisciplinarity, partnerships and making bioscience innovations in health work for the poor: what lessons can be shared between the North and the South?

July 6 – July 6 2009


The Open University in London,
1-11 Hawley Crescent,
Camden Town
London NW1 8NP

Organised by:

Hosted by the ESRC Innogen Research Centre, in partnership with WaterAid


Recent ‘systems’ conceptualisations highlight an increasing attention towards the role of networking and interdisciplinary practice.  There have been a number of attempts to promote more systemic approaches to science and technology innovation.

However, policy and practice rarely suggest a major shift away from disciplines and traditional linear approaches towards joined up policy between traditionally separate government departments or institutions (such as between health and science and technology ministries for example). 

This seminar is the first in series of international seminars that are designed to explore and discuss the usefulness of interdisciplinarity, partnerships and systemic methods for making biomedical science innovations work for developing country health. 

This inaugural seminar, one of the first follow-up activities after the THeSyS Workshop features representatives of development organisations, academic institutions and partners from developing countries who are all playing different roles towards building stronger health systems.

The seminar aims to raise pertinent issues in the global agenda towards health system strengthening and lay the foundation for further discussions in subsequent seminars and other platforms. As a specific case to buttress the discussions, the seminar will focus on child mortality and the emergence of interdisciplinarity and partnerships around this key health issue.

Programme for the day

1330 – 1420 Arrival, registration and lunch

1420 – 1430 Welcome remarks by the session chair, Prof Myles Wickstead

1430 – 1550 Presentations by panel (15 min each, with 5 min for points of clarification)

1550 – 1600 Refreshments break

1600 – 1700 Open discussion

1700 – 1710 Summing up and closing by session chair

1900  Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) Fundraising Concert  (Alexander Baillie with Max Baillie), St-Mary's Church, Eastcheap, London EC4,9901,en.t4.html