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ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclass

April 22 – April 23 2009

Organised by:

Dr Catherine Lyall

This workshop aims to develop participants' research management, leadership and supervisory skills in interdisciplinary projects that span the social and natural sciences (including engineering and medical sciences).

At the end of the workshop we hope that participants will have:

  • explored their motivations for interdisciplinary research and the different modes of interdisciplinary working

  • considered some of the skills needed to be a good interdisciplinary researcher, research manager and leader of interdisciplinary teams

  • discussed some of the ways in which interdisciplinary collaboration may be sustained, the problems that may be encountered and tactics for addressing such challenges

The workshop programme will include talks from experienced interdisciplinary researchers who will draw on their own research to illustrate a number of themes such as:

  • different models of interdisciplinarity and the impact this has on research design

  • preparing an interdisciplinary research proposal

  • building and leading an interdisciplinary research team

This workshop is open to any ESRC-funded researchers at postdoctoral level and above who are engaged in interdisciplinary research between the social and natural sciences. It will be of most benefit to researchers who are at the stage of leading an interdisciplinary project for the first time.

There will be no charge for this event, which will include accommodation and meals, but attendees must be able to cover their own travel expenses. The meeting will run from Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon.

Places are limited to 15, click here to register.,8242,en.t4.html