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Knowledge and Innovation for Inclusive Development

January 21 2009

Venue: Innogen Seminar Room 00-13
Ground Floor Chambers Building
The Open University
Milton Keynes

Organised by:

ESRC Innogen Centre
The Open University
Milton Keynes


The pre-eminence of knowledge and knowledge based innovation for economic growth and for social welfare in the developed world suggests that underdevelopment today has become in part a knowledge-related situation.

However, the linear sequence that supposedly links knowledge, economic growth and developmental upgrading -the rationale for many scientific and innovation efforts in developing countries, has failed. Even before, the hypothesis that relatively long term economic growth was sufficient to upgrade development levels failed. The subsequent combination of pro-growth policies, including S&T policies, and safety-nest type social policies, did not show encouraging results. In Latin America, impressive economic growth has not been able to show any betterment in the inequality situation, one of the main barriers to human sustainable development. So, the ways into which knowledge and innovation enters into development strategies is not so clear. The talk will explore this issue from two interrelated points of view: the characteristics of learning processes in underdevelopment and the need -and possibilities, of innovation policies conceived, partly, as social policies.

Professor Judith Sutz is an Innogen visiting fellow and is Professor of the Universidad de la República, Uruguay.  Her research interests are Science & Technology Policy in Latin America.,8161,en.t4.html