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Royal Society
Consultation: Biological Approaches to Enhance Food Crop Production

Our research has shown that the current European system for developing and regulating biological approaches to food crop production is seriously flawed and is likely to lead to ever-increasing disadvantages for European agriculture, particularly if commodity food prices continue to rise and climate change increasingly disrupts crop production globally. These disadvantages are also already evident in many developing countries.

This response outlines the complexity of the background to the current systemic failure of the European regulatory system for GM crops, including particularly missed policy opportunities and a failure to build evidence-based approaches to risk governance. This is having a serious impact on today's innovation environment for biological approaches to enhance food crop production.

A similar impact on future generations of biological approach will be inescapable if there is not a policy-led strategic approach to the development of a an effective governance system.This will require a more flexible and robust design in the face of 21st Century opportunities to benefit from biological discoveries and, on the negative side, to cope with global climate change and a changing financial environment.