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Better use of data in government
Mason Institute Response

Laurie, G   Stevens, L   Jones, KH   Dobbs, C

April 2016

The UK Cabinet Office, The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP and Government Digital Service launched a public consultation on the Better Use of Data in Government in February 2016. The consultation sought feedback on how the government can use data to improve public services for citizens and to improve decision-making.

Matt Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office says “Our goal is to transform and improve the relationship between the citizen and the state. Increasing citizens’ confidence in the government’s use of their data while simultaneously making better use of that data to deliver services they need will help us to build a more prosperous society”.

The consultation aims to support the delivery of better public services to citizens with better statistics and research to inform better policy. The proposals fall into three groups: improving public services, tackling fraud and debt, and allowing use of data for research purposes and for official statistics.

Further details and consultation webpage with associated documents.